1. Andrew Jackson Jihad - ‘Free Bird’


    Animation by John Komar

  2. Candy Hearts - “Asbury Park”

    (Source: thevillagebasement)

  3. Feudalism - “America’s Oldest Brewery”

  4. Excited to announce that The Village Basement will be premiere SEASON 2 on November 5th 2013. All new bands, all new videos!

  5. Blackbird Raum - “Last Legs / / Ensorcelled Hibernation”

  6. I Kill Giants - “Windmills”

  7. Wolves At Bay - “I Was the Devil Once”

  8. Paige Chaplin - “Bad Bones”

  9. My Chemical Romance - “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
    Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance stopped by and did a session today as their last act as a band!


  10. sonic-buf said: How does one go about setting up a village basement session with you?

    Send me an email with some music: